QDoes a camera like this really need an LCD screen?

Although action cameras are generally equipped with wide-angle lenses, there are times when the actual recording veers off the angle you expected it to be recording. That’s an opportunity wasted. Having an LCD screen on the camera will let you fine-tune the angle exactly the way you want before you actually shoot, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to replay what you’ve shot right then and there in the field. Of course, the LCD can be turned off to avoid excessive battery drain.

QWhat can I do with the Wi-Fi feature?

The ADIXXION camera itself turns into an access point, allowing you to enjoy a variety of wireless functions. For example, you can stream images from ADIXXION “live” over the internet using USTREAM, or upload a freshly recorded video directly to YouTube without going through a PC.

What’s more, you can wirelessly link ADIXXION to your smartphone and view live images from the camera on your phone screen in real time. The Quad View function will enable you to monitor live feeds from up to four ADIXXION cameras simultaneously on-screen. Still images can be transferred wirelessly from the camera to your smartphone.

QHow can I get ADIXXION wirelessly connected to my smartphone?

A free app called “ADIXXION sync.” is available for Android and iOS devices. Just download and install this, launch the app and follow some simple instructions.
Everything from set-up (AP setting, YouTube and USTREAM account setting), to convenient functions such as monitoring, streaming, and data transfer, can be easily done from the smartphone touch screen.

QCan I switch the recording mode between NTSC and PAL format?

Yes, the user can switch between NTSC (60P/30P) and PAL (50P/25P), while the unit is not recording. Depending on the viewing equipment (TV, PC, etc.) specifications and/or lighting conditions, the motion may not be played back smoothly or flickering may happen, so please choose the appropriate format/mode. 

QWhat is the field of view (and the 35mm equivalent focal length)?

It differs by mode;
1080 60/50P, 1080 30/25P, 720 60/50P, 720 30/25P, WVGA: 137° (20.5mm)
960 30/25P, Still picture: 152° (19.3mm)
720 120/100P (High Speed REC): 136° (20.7mm)

QIs it possible to record while power is supplied via USB?

It is possible to perform recording while power is supplied from the AC adapter via USB terminal. However, it is not possible to record while power is supplied from a PC via USB. The battery will not be charged while the power is on.

QWhat is the approximate time for charging the battery?

The approximate charging times are 5 hours when connected to a PC and 2.3 hours when connected to the AC adapter.


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