Lookin' Good! Advanced Imaging

Great for High-Speed Capturing!
1920x1080 60p/50p Recording

GC-XA2 ADIXXION offers Full HD video recording with a fast frame rate to render even fast-moving action with crystal clarity!

Great for High-Speed Capturing! 1920 x 1080 60p/50p Recording


Frame Rate (NTSC/PAL)

1080 60/50P 1080 30/25P 960 30/25P
720 60/50P 720 30/25P 480 30/25P


Comprehensive Still Functions

Still Photography up to 16M

The GC-XA2 shoots high-resolution 8M and 16M (Ultra Resolution) stills!
The fun isn't limited to videos anymore.

Still Photography up to 16M

Burst ModeNEW

Shoot up to 15 photos per second with
five different types of bursts.

Burst Mode

Simultaneous RECNEW

Shoot photos automatically at 5-second intervals while you record video. Double the fun by recording both stills and video at the same time!

Simultaneous REC

Bumps and Jolts? No Problem! Stabilized Capture

Improved Image Stabilizer with Gyro Sensor

The Gyro Sensor detects even the slightest camera shake, correcting everything from minute vibrations from moving vehicles to blurring from violent motion. The perfect Image Stabilizer for action scenes.

Rolling shutter cancellation

Corrects distortion of fast-moving scenes caused by the characteristic line-by-line recording of frames with CMOS sensors.


Wider Angles, Higher Resolution!

F2.4 Super Wide Lens

Delivers bright F2.4 aperture and improved wide-angle in both HD and Full HD. Shoot even more powerful images!

F2.4 / Super Wide Lens

8M Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor

High-resolution back-illuminated sensor for solid performance in low-light environments.

Play Harder! Fun Functions

Pro skiing player MARIO GATTINGER

Spice Up Your Videos!

Video EffectsNEW

Add dramatic effects to powerful videos. Use four effects to create different moods. With GC-XA2 you can spice up any scene and make it unique.

Sepia Vivid Black & White Negative

Make Your Videos Exceptional! Creative Recording

High Speed RECNEW

GC-XA2 can record HD 1280 x 720
video at 120fps (NTSC) / 100fps (PAL).
Perfect for capturing fast-moving action
Play it back in 4x slow-motion!

High Speed REC

Time-Lapse REC for Video

Shoot time-lapse videos at intervals of 0.2, 1, 5, 10, 30 or 60-seconds, and watch things and people go into hyper-motion!

Time-Lapse REC for StillsNEW

Still photos can also be shot at set intervals!
Capture stills automatically every 2, 5, 10, 30 or
60 seconds.

Time-Lapse REC

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