Optional Accessories

  • Wide Flexible Mount MT-FM002

    Adheres to flat or curved surface with supplied 3M double-sided tape. (Same as provided mount of GC-XA2.) 
    Ball joint unit x1, Base x2

    Wide Flexible Mount

  • Chest Mount Harness MT-CH001

    Hands-free recording from the chest outward, or pointed up towards your face.

    Chest Mount Harness

    Chest Mount Harness

  • Goggle Mount MT-GM001

    Goggle mount x1, Screw x6, Screwdriver x1

    Goggle Mount

  • Flexible Mount MT-FM001

    Ball joint unit x1, Base x2

    Flexible Mount

    Flexible Mount

  • Roll Bar Mount MT-RB001

    For pipes ɸ21mm – 40mm (7/8" – 1-5/8")

    Roll Bar Mount

  • Handle Bar Mount MT-HB001

    Fits pipes ɸ21mm – 30mm (7/8" – 1-3/16")

    Handle Bar Mount

    Handle Bar Mount

  • Twin Shooting Mount MT-TS001

    To attach ADIXXION to another camera.

    Twin Shooting Mount

  • Suction Cup Mount MT-SC001

    For versatile mounting.

    Suction Cup Mount

  • Battery Pack BN-VH105

    For more juice when needed.
    (Same as provided battery of GC-XA2.)

    Battery Pack

  • Lens Protector GL-LP001

    For extra protection.

    Lens Protector

  • AC Adapter AC-V17LU/AC-V10L

    Charge ADIXXION battery from AC outlet.

    AC Adapter

  • Float Strap WA-FL001

    To help the camera float while in water.

    Float Strap

  • Marine Case WR-GX001

    For diving even deeper (up to 40m/130ft).

    Marine Case

  • Maintenance Kit WA-MK001

    Maintenance Kit for Marine Case
    Silicone Grease x1, Drying Agent x3, O-ring x1

    Maintenance Kit

  • Drying Agent WA-AF001

    Drying Agent (x3) for Marine Case

    Drying Agent

Provided Accessories for GC-XA2

Wide Flexible Mount (MT-FM002), Battery Pack (BN-VH105), USB Cable

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